For those whose main goal is to boost up English skills

Our marathon will suit everyone who enjoys comedies and has the level of Intermediate and higher
By the end of the marathon you will have:
- watched a movie
- practised B2 grammar skills
- expanded your vocabulary with British slang and collocations
- upgraded your listening skills
- had enjoyed the British accent!

Our Team
Lisa is an English buff, mainly specialized in Grammar. You will definitely get a grammar feedback to the tasks completed.

She is outgoing and sincere and always tries her best to create a discreet and energetic atmosphere in her classes.
Payment Plans
3 weeks of the marathon
Scrutinizing 2 parts of the movie per week
Online access to the platform with the exercises to the movie
Online access to the Telegram chat with pretasks and other participants of the marathon
Quizlet cards for vocabulary practising
2-month access to all materials of the marathon
Final stream with the teacher and other participant of the marathon, in which you will discuss the burning issues raised in the movie
Individual teacher's feedback to your work
25 byn
50 byn
  • A very interesting and kinda effective format of learning new expressions.
    It was very interesting to listen to a real British accent. Also the call at the end was useful in terms of words practice.
  • It was really cool!
    I had a good time with your tasks and exercises. And the platform for doing such kind of homework is comfortable and pleasant to work with. I started to think about your interesting questions and I really tried to express my opinion in most cases.
  • Thank you for the experience!
    The format is really nice. It was cool to find new colloquial expressions from British English!
  • A nice one! Was glad to take part it.
    Thanks for providing an option of the final talk with a partner, because it was really interesting not only to find new words, but the practice them with some partner.
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